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Enterprise Risk Management and COSO

Harry Cendrowski. Enterprise Risk Management and COSO Authors:Harry Cendrowski.
Price:5990 rub.

Book Summary:
Praise for Enterprise Risk Management and COSO: A Guide for Directors, Executives, and Practitioners "This book represents a unique guide on how to manage many of the critical components that constitute an organization?s corporate defense program." —Sean Lyons, Corporate Defense Management (CDM) professional "This book provides a comprehensive analysis of enterprise risk management and is invaluable to anyone working in the risk management arena. It provides excellent information regarding the COSO framework, control components, control environment, and quantitative risk assessment methodologies. It is a great piece of work." —J. Richard Claywell, CPA, ABV, CVA, CM&AA, CFFA, CFD "As digital information continues its exponential growth and more systems become interconnected, the demand and need for proper risk management will continue to increase. I found the book to be very informative, eye–opening, and very pragmatic with an approach to risk management that...

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