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Risk and Crisis Management: 101 Cases

Akira Ishikawa, Mei-hsiu Atsushi Tsujimoto. Risk and Crisis Management: 101 Cases Authors:Akira Ishikawa, Mei-hsiu Atsushi Tsujimoto.
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Book Summary:
Natural disasters, terrorist attacks, financial collapses, and other crisis situations have occupied public attention to an unprecedented degree in recent years. In the face of these events, the study of risk and crisis management is becoming more important than ever before. This book is a clear and comprehensive guide to the most common emergency situations of our day, giving succinct, practical advice on how best to avoid them if possible, how to minimize loss and damage once they have occurred, and how best to recover sustainably. The 101 cases presented here cover both natural and man-made disasters, drawing on recent and current case histories to propose workable solutions for governments, corporations and ordinary people facing extraordinary times. This revised and expanded edition of the authors' 1999 book, "Survival - Simulation of Risk and Crisis Management 69", is written in an accessible style and contains the latest research in the field. It will benefit laypeople,...

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