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The Art of Money Management : for a Simple Life

B.S., Janice Aldrow. The Art of Money Management : for a Simple Life Authors:B.S., Janice Aldrow.
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Book Summary:
Book Description The Art of Money Management is a spiritually-based, practical tool for managing day-to-day finances, that includes short stories of real life experiences that will add humor and wisdom to the reality of the choices we make regarding our financial decisions. The reader will develop the tools to establish more long-term goals, and learn techniques that will keep the individual debt-free by establishing the habit of saving for emergencies, and for long-term goals. The Art of Money Management is a financial workbook designed for the individual in a state of life transition that demands the establishment of new goals, as well as the beginner, gaining the respect that comes in the form of a paycheck. The story of my son, Lyon, and his dog ?Einstein?, gives a true life example of the rewards that came from a heartfelt desire to be responsible for that which he desired the most. The experience of taking care of his own pet empowered Lyon, and...

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