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Risk: The New Management Imperative in Finance

James T. Gleason. Risk: The New Management Imperative in Finance Authors:James T. Gleason.
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Book Summary:
Financial professionals need tools to assess and manage risk now more than ever. Risk is everywhere in finance--there's no escaping it. Changes in the global markets have raised the stakes for financial professionals, forcing them to adapt to newer and more relevant methods for assessing and managing their risks. Forward-thinking financial professional will find this logical guide easy to follow and refreshingly jargon-free, a breath of fresh air in a finance world that's routinely clouded over with unnecessary complexity. Risk expert James Gleason bypasses the mathematics to present a down-to-earth, practical look at important new risk management tools and their uses. He draws upon recent market events and real company examples such as Enron and The Bank of Montreal to illustrate how financial risk management is used and misused. State-of-the-art financial risk management techniques and capabilities have evolved to be uniformly applicable across all financial service firms. But not...

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