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Practical Risk Management

Erik Banks, Richard Dunn, Erik Banks, Richard Dunn. Practical Risk Management Authors:Erik Banks, Richard Dunn, Erik Banks, Richard Dunn.
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Book Summary:
Practical Risk Management: An Executive Guide to Avoiding Surprises and Losses is a concise, yet thorough, look at the world of financial risk management. The book is written by two senior banking professionals who have managed business and state-of-the-art financial risk in large and complex financial organisations, and who have also been in the middle of some of the most creative developments and turbulent times that the financial markets have ever seen. The book leverages these real experiences to offer useful and practical approaches to managing financial risk. It explores the challenges of risk management and how these can be overcome by focusing on governance and accountability within the framework of a clearly defined appetite for potential losses. Readers will gain a good understanding of the different financial risks, the various measurement tools currently available, and will learn to construct a practical risk process that is consistent with corporate strategy....

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