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The ART of Risk Management

Christopher L. Culp, Christopher L. Culp. The ART of Risk Management Authors:Christopher L. Culp, Christopher L. Culp.
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Book Summary:
The ART of Risk Management "This book evidences links and trade-offs between some key drivers of corporate value creation: capital structure, strategic definition of core and noncore risks, risk management retention and transfer, with a valuation of externalization, to achieve an integrated allocation and management of firms capital. From math to legal, it takes us a definite step forward in modern finance." ?Jacques Tierny, Deputy CFO, Michelin Group "For someone like me who has observed the evolution of financial theory and practice over the past twenty years, Culps new book is a really extraordinary undertaking and accomplishment. On one level, it provides a comprehensive?and quite readable?account of the most important financing and risk management innovations in both insurance markets and capital markets. Even more remarkable is its success in fitting these innovative solutions and products into a single, unified theory of financial markets?one...

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